Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dragon Ball Z Me

If only you had an artistic sister who drew huge portraits of you to hang on the wall!
Actually, this poster size portrayal was the result of an accidental misunderstanding at the printers, but the talented sister part is real! 
Perhaps I have a Pixie-photo-family fear, but I am always reluctant to display family shots. 
 This image feels much safer, especially at this more reasonable size!
This sketch is a small reflection of some of our family interests, one image for each family member. It hangs next to a painting done by Elara at Kindy, and some of my favourite fabric (from the 1001 peeps range), framed.
When this artistic sister of mine was younger (and she is nine years younger than me), we would watch Dragon Ball Z (a Japanese Manga series) together. We would pretend 'power-up' and laugh at the extremely slow process of power transformation in the series. Receiving this hand drawn DBZ style birthday card, while I was in Japan, gave me plenty of birthday happiness!  This one is of my sister and I, surrounded by some of our shared loves (can you guess them?)
If you would like a quote for a portrait commission or to just drop over and give her some love, you can find her blog here.

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