Thursday, September 26, 2013

Picking Pockets

One girl in my family is fascinated by all things nature.
She would run her fingers across the grass and smile at the sound of a rustling leaf, as a baby.
She grows seeds and draws tulips and notices the patterns in the clouds.
She picks flowers.

And a girl who picks flowers needs pockets in her skirts.
So I made her (and her sister) one each from this tutorial.
To celebrate this girl, and affirm her love of creation, we got up close and personal with some blossoms in a day trip to Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers.  
All the kids had a turn taking photos so that they will have plenty of visuals when they want to sketch or remember.
And the girls ended the day with some dancing in a gorgeous garden at dusk.


  1. Which girl - Indie?? I'm going to check this tutorial out :-)

    1. Yep, Indi! I'm definitely going to make more with pockets from now on. Maybe one for me??? Will have another favourite skirt tutorial coming up this week (hopefully) so stay tuned for that one also :-)

  2. Love love love a skirt with pockets!! For me and my treasure hunting girls! :) Those gardens look beautiful!


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