Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fluoro Week: Ombre Fabric Chandelier

White with a pop of neon was the brief for my sister's baby shower.

Above the all white table of food she wanted a fabric chandelier centre piece. My sister let me choose, create and then surprise her with the final product. I began by cutting out circles of three different sizes, from three different fabrics, for each of the three different colours. Then folded each circle in quarters and pressed them. Finally, I thread them onto fluoro twine from a hardware store, making a knot underneath each circle and hung the strings through an embroidery hoop.

This would look beautiful in pastels, or neutrals, or primary colours too! But I love this style in it's neon colours, and it now hangs happily in baby Arden's nursery.  


  1. Gorgeous idea. As always very creative and very talented! Love it.


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