Friday, January 30, 2015

Honestly: A New Year Resolution

Everything has changed.
We are busier.
We are sleep-deprived.
We are behind with the washing. The dinner. The garden. The paperwork.

Nothing has changed.
We are thankful.
We are together.
We are in love with the new baby. The Kelly crew. The old house. The way we roll.

This year, as always, I have just one word to guide my resolutions.
Because I know what is important to us, though the world sometimes makes the meaningful things cloudy, and the day-to-day sometimes gets in the way of dreams.
Honestly, is about living congruently with my values.
Making sure that my time is invested instead of wasted.
This year I have three resolutions to help me live an honest year:
Know my values;
Examine my input;
Keep my output true to my priorities.

I hope it looks a little like this:
Creating more free time
Family dinners/international nights
Making sure my middle daughter feels cherished
Replacing some daily Facebook time with inspiring blogs and TED talks
Farm time
Giving my boy plenty of boy time
Reducing multi-tasking (as it prevents thoughtful choices)
Taking time to pray, journal and blog
Broadening options for my eldest
A holiday
Reaching out to help someone in need
Daily reading
Lullabyes instead of pop songs for my baby

Keep your eye on this blog for evidence!

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