Friday, February 6, 2015

Catch Me If You Can: The Florist

Last year things got a bit hectic.
Kids at school, kid at home, ballet, swimming, baby on the way.
Having enough brain function to blog was difficult.
I am being hopeful that I might have some boy-at-kindy-and-baby-napping 'free' time this coming year. 
I will have things to record in blogland that I don't want to forget.
But first it's catch up time.
Starting from one year ago.
India, our aspiring florist, went on a birthday experience (something we encourage and do often in our family) with her Aunty Clare and Uncle Justin, to Justin's parents' farm.
There she explored, picked, trimmed and arranged flowers. It deepened her interest and love for the outdoors and the individuality of every flower she saw. Thank you Chris, Jack, Justin and Clare!
I regret that our own garden is devoid of inspiration for her, but perhaps we will work on that soon. In the meantime, she continues on with this passion, daily reading or drawing from her flower book, and I am secretly collecting vintage nature diaries and hand drawn flower books for her to enjoy one day.

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