Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crafty box

It's what I wanted at Christmases, what I wanted for birthdays, and all I spent my pocket money on in between. Pipe cleaners, buttons, pom poms, wobbly eyes, feathers, paddle pop sticks, papers, cardboard, fimo...oh and polystyrene balls! I had them all housed in a plastic, mustard yellow box, with a white handle. But it was even better inside... with so many little compartments to hold all my stuff, I could be organised and crafty (and you know that still makes me happy!) This Christmas, my eldest daughter Elara got her first craft box, and although the contents are a little different (she's not yet three), her eyes do the same wide-open in amazement thing, when it's time to create. And you know, you can start with anything: crayons; small boxes; pictures cut from catalogues and used magazines; good old macaroni (note: these pictures are not keepers!); bark and leaves from the garden; scraps of ribbon from gifts received; even dud Cd's. So start collecting!


  1. Wow Katherine I remember your craft box! And you costume collection. You used to bring your craft box to my house - oh to be a kid again. After reading your blog I think it's something every little girl could have, what a wonderful idea, thanks for reminding me of it. Your blog is great, all the best with it. Wendy Edwards x

  2. Fantastic - what a lovely tradition to pass on to your daughter - I hope she inherits your wonderful style and creativity!


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