Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winning combos #2

Chocolate + Grape

I know it sounds unusual, but it worked. These miniature trifles are a super quick dessert: A spoonful of grape flavoured jelly in the bottom of the glass; a slice of chocolate rollette; another bit of jelly; a dollop of whipped (chantilly) cream; and another slice of rollette to top. I am partial to putting things in small glasses and bowls because they make everything look cute and 'just-for-me' size. But there was something about this dessert that brought to mind another winning combo...
Chocolate (the colour) + Grape (the colour)
I had a bit of fabric (which I like, but could never find a use), in my stash. It was a hand on from my Grandmother who bought it cause she liked it, but could never find a use. So I made it into a smocked dress for Elara, and added some velvet ribbon straps (which can be adjusted as she grows). I like it, and so does she. To think that a bit of jelly and cake could be so inspirational!


  1. Katherine! Elara's dress is so cute!

  2. Gorgeous dress Katherine! That fabric IS very pretty!


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