Monday, May 3, 2010


Some gorgeous babushka doll fabric inspired these two reverse applique floor cushions for the girls. There was quite a bit of hand stitching, but I think they look really fun because of it. You can find the pattern in this book.
And this is the dolly babe clothes line that is now hanging above the dolls house in our play room! I bought it from talented Brissie girl Lauren Carney. Isn't it clever and cute?
And to finish off my dolly decorating I stretched this fabric over a canvas and hung it in our playroom too. A simple but great way to add a touch more colour!


  1. Oh Katherine the dollies look superb up on your wall!
    they look just lovely! hahah and out of reach from your little ones! ;)
    x x x

  2. I LOVE the babushka doll cushions - adding this one to my list of things to make one day...

  3. K,it's so nice that the girls have their own playroom with some lovely touches from mum :)


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