Thursday, October 14, 2010


In the first month after Zeb's arrival we were blessed with food from Heaven! Friends and family brought us beautifully prepared meals four nights a week. Help on the doorstep right in the middle of horror hour. A dream for the busy Mum.

In the 6 months leading up to this time, I was able to provide for my Mum friends in the same way. And it was fun! I baked so much but I have only a few random photos of the goodies (I'd usually pull my baking out of the oven, package it, and walk straight out of the door to deliver it)! I thought I'd post the few that I managed to snap amongst my thank-yous...

Big thank-you Deanna!

Thanks Jayde, Keith & Lauren.

Thank-you to Sam, Dale, Ange and Martine.

And to Bec, Zoe, Mel D, Debbie, Mandy, Tracey and Mel W.

We were fed and happy because of your help!


  1. coming back right over :)

  2. Ohh these treats look delicious!! Hope your week is going ok and enjoying some glimpses of the sun!! Love Martine


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