Saturday, March 12, 2011


But they are small.
Easily lost under the bed.
Or in the pot plant.
Or in the cutlery drawer.

So I thought I'd make these 4 lego friends a home.
Each of them has their own hidey hole behind a window or door, or in the chimney.
I hope their new owner has fun swapping them around and playing games with them.
(And maybe they'll even get a chance at being his favored toy and get to sleep in his bed?)


  1. It looks so great KK! Did Noah love it? LOVE the Lego men...I think we should definitely buy some more....for the kids...obviously :P

  2. Katherine! Noah loves his house of lego men!! He has been showing everyone who comes over and has been putting the little men back in his hidey hole!! ::)) Thanks so much!


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