Saturday, March 5, 2011

A memory: good and bad

A fall.
A deep cut.
Plenty of blood.
A call to the ambulance.
Trying not to let you close your eyes.
You were crying and screaming.
(And clicking the castanets that you had in your hand.)
Elara was so upset to see you hurt.
Zeb blew raspberries to cheer you up.
You laughed at him.
Dad lay on the hospital bed with you.
And you watched 'Charlie and Lola'.
When the doctor fixed you, you said 'it hurts', but you didn't cry.
You were beautiful, and brave.


  1. oh dear, hope she is ok. Poor Indi! That really does look nasty.

  2. Oh no!! Poor little thing!! What a brave girl Indi!!

  3. Oh, poor little precious :( Hope she is ok now. What did she fall on? You are brave too Katherine!

  4. Oh that looks waaay bad in the photo!! She was a brave little thing. But braver so was Mummy who didn't faint, cry or throw up! I am very proud of you Kt! You did a fab job Friday!


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