Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art Interactive

Yesterday I took the girls to GoMA's 21st Century Kids' exhibition.
If you live in Brisbane, you must visit.
So much colour!
And the artwork was accessible even for the very young.
It was great for/with the kids, but would be fun by yourself too.
Here is a sneak peak...

Choosing a ribbon from the wall of wishes.

India chose "I wish that I was a princess".
Elara chose "I wish that I could go to school everyday".
I chose "I wish that I had a nice garden".
And Elara picked one for Dad, "I wish that I was a famous cricket player"!

India worked on a white lego sailboat.

And Elara made "the most amazing tower ever".

Well, kind of ;)

Go on, get arty!

(And if you like the sound of mixing art and food, go here and see my sister's work published on the "They Draw and Cook" website!)

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