Saturday, June 4, 2011

Giveaway of the (double) century!

To celebrate this little blog's two hundredth birthday (measured in posts, not years of course), I'm hosting my first ever giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post, and I will randomly select someone to receive a package full of saffron threads cheer!

Oh but let's make it more fun and have you answer me this (in your comment): If you could have 200 of anything, right now, what would you indulge in?

I wouldn't mind 200 extra hours to sew with.
Or 200 home-cooked meals sitting in my freezer awaiting the next 5pm 'horror hour'.
Or 200 really compelling reasons to eat less cupcakes (and exercise more).
Even 200 minutes spent being lazy would make me pretty happy.
How about you?

Entries will close on Friday June 10.


  1. I was going to say 200 pamper sessions, but I actually think 200 'me' time would be better ... I could then use that time to do whatever I wish ... Sleep, read in peace, maybe when i've had that extra sleep i would then be able to watch a DVD without falling asleep!!

  2. Oops, I don't know why it's showing my name as 'this' (Suzy V)

  3. Right now, sitting inside in pjs, dressing gown and ugg boots with the central heating blasting, I would like Canberra to hae 200 more warm days! Winter is only 5 days old and I've had enough!

  4. If I could indulge in anything, it would be 200 hugs from treasured friends and my beautiful family. They are scattered all over the world at the moment and I miss those rich, warm, heartfelt embraces.

  5. 200 business clients so I could move into my own place 200 years earlier than is the current plan:) (closely followed by 200 hours in Tahiti all by myself!)

  6. Hmmm....maybe two hundred days at the beach with my family...relaxing, walking by the water, surfing, eating ice-cream, going to the park, watching Noah scooter,pushing Byron in the pram and holding hands with Dan as we walk along! A perfect 200 hundred days to me! Happy 200th post Katherine! :) Martine

  7. Definitely 200 more days before I have to go back to work after 8 months of blissful mummy opposed to 2, which is the reality
    :( But don't want to sound like I'm complaining, as I am very lucky and love my job and my boys and am very, very fortunate to have had that long off :)

  8. Wow.. 200 posts! Were you counting? That's awesome!

    200 of anything?

    I'd love 200 $200 coles shopping vouchers or 200 "yes Mum"s instead of the kids refusing dinner, cleaning, getting out of the bath, putting socks on or going straight to sleep at bedtime.

    Jiedyns wants 200 lollies

    & Nevaeh wants 200 meow meow's

    Happy 200th post Kat!

  9. ..well, i would have 200 poems published in one book... and 200 artworks in a one-man-exhibit... haha... i actually mentioned the two things i love to do the most... congrats on your 200 posts... keeping them coming with passion and delight... You have a lovely day. (:


  10. mmmmmm 200 new episodes of the old 90210 - Jayde

  11. Haha! Just read Jayde's comment funny! Ok, well CONGRATS on getting to 200!!!! YAY!!!

    I would love 200 jobs done in and around my house to fix it up and be ready for baby!

    But I like the 200 "Yes Mum"'s too great answer Melissa!

    I don't need to get any giveaways, this mornings pancakes were divine... I think I need to give you 200 of something! ;)

  12. 200 days to do nothing but bake, draw, sew, read, dance and catch up on movies and tv. AND see my family of course ;)

    Or...200 new coloured pencils

  13. Thank you Debbs.

    I love the 200 coloured pencils.. reminds me of those multi coloured pencils. They would keep me entertained for hours!

    Goodluck all..

  14. I vote for the 200 "yes mummy's" and if I could steal it that's what I would say but if not,
    200 play days with the kids, to just do kid stuff - like collage, skipping rope and blowing bubbles.


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