Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A few months ago, we went to the Abbey Medieval Festival.

Some of the costumes are amazing!
Here's my (big) little brother, little sister, my Mum and my Dad, all dressed up.

My fair lady sister.

My pretty little princess...

...who joined in the gypsy's dancing circle.

My sweet hooded maiden...

...who found a spot in a tent to play.

And my blue-eyed boy.

Of course there was also jousting, lamb shanks (and all-day spit-roasted pigs), juggling, market stalls, churros and smokey fires at dusk.
Though I loved all the 'long ago' around the place, I still found myself thinking about technology! This gem of a lady took all these photos on her Pentax k5 (which I now have a crush on).


  1. Look at these beautiful photos.. Love.

  2. Striking photos! Thanks for the gift on MBC. Hope you can follow me( If you already haven't) :)

    your new follower!

  3. SUCH a good camera...and a pretty grand photographer attached hehe

  4. Love the photos Katherine!! Such a great festival! See you there next year!! :) Martine


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