Friday, April 27, 2012

All the things they say

Elara: (After steadily moving her mug from table to mouth, and realizing it was empty) "Oh no! I've just wasted  my carefulness!"
India: "Mum, this is the story of the bumbabumba: One day a little girl was going across the woods, and when she went across the woods she thought that it was a windy day. But it was just her hair playing with her. And then her little sister Charlie said to her "The wind is blowing my hair, the wind is blowing my hair!" Then her Mum said to her "The hair is just playing around with you - Casper the cat always says that!" And then a little bubba came out of Mummy's tummy. The mama's baby growed up and saw a lion. She said to the lion, "Want to live at our home? We've got a playground". And they all got to school on time."
 Zeb: "Up. Down. Kick. Ball. Poo. Truck. Banana. More. Elara. Dog. Duck. Bubba. Pop. Nanna. Guitar."


  1. I love the things your girls come out with and the best and cutest thing I have heard from Zeb of late is "Asssssaaaaaaaa" with arms out stretched for a hug with Asher at school! Soo cute!

  2. What a lovely post - it made me laugh and shake my head. I don't know your children but I feel like I do from what they've each said. Really enjoying catching up with your last posts. thanks! :0)


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