Monday, April 30, 2012

One thousand gifts: April

"Life's a piano. And it's easy to think that the white keys are pure joy while all the black keys are pure grief. But the thing is - black keys can make music too."  Anne Voskamp

A portion from this months thankful list: 

148: Pink nail polish
152: 4 o'clock sun streaming through my window saying 'this bed
        and those who sleep in it are blessed'
164: My lovely niece
171: Realising that I am terrible at something but pursuing it all 
        the same. And the hope that I might improve.
172: Hearing my kids yell at the television in Spanish (at Dora)!
178: A reminder to pray
179: Saturday afternoon drives
181: A precious girl and a pink doughnut
  187: Zeb saying 'Whoa' every time he sees an animal 
 190: Reading time
More info on the One Thousand Gifts project here.


  1. I am liking 171!!! Good on you!!! Helps to have a bestie and a promise of an icecream to get you through though too right? hehe

  2. That pink doughnut looks divine!


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