Monday, May 14, 2012

Two brunches

On a most beautiful day.
For some lovely school Mum's.
We talked and laughed and enjoyed the child free time.
On our big, new deck (thanks Tim!)
The menu included bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms, baked eggs with tomato, chai pancakes, bircher muesli with berries and yoghurt, chocolate custard tarts, fresh fruit, and peanut butter and jam macarons.

Before the sun rose, on Mother's Day.
For a mum, from her girls (without any help!).
They planned for a week to work out what food to serve me.
At our family table.
The menu included sultana bran with soy milk, a whole carrot, and two squares of chocolate (served with a gift from the school craft stall).
They were both equally special.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Mummies day K! You deserve it!!

  2. Gorgeous :-) have missed reading your blog, haven't been on Facebook - will follow now


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