Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trips and Tips for Tripping: Japan Day Seven

This day was the best day.
Two special people hosted us in Tokyo for the day, and took us to some of their favourite spots.
First stop, Kidzania. A must if you are traveling to Tokyo with littlies. Our children loved it, but so did we! Here the children get a taste of the grown-up world with a chance to train and try out vocations that interest them.
Zeb had a go at being a soccer star (and he did pretty well too!)
Elara tested her abilities to flip burgers.
India and Elara put their creative flair to use with some flower arranging.
Elara and Zeb trained to be firefighters and successfully put out this fire!
They got to ride back to the station in the front of the fire engine because of their hard work.
Zeb and India made soft serves at the ice cream shop.
And Elara had some thorough paramedic training and practiced her CPR.
It was all so much hard work at Kidzania that we needed lunch!
We went to an amazing Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake, grilled in front of you) restaurant. Delicious and my favourite meal of the trip.
A short taxi ride (with 5 in the backseat!) to 333m tall Tokyo tower. And it felt very high!
Finally, delicious dinner in our own little restaurant room.
Travel tip for really getting to know a city:
You have to meet the locals. Not only will they know some great places to visit, to eat, and to shop, but just talking gives wonderful insight to their countries culture and people. The girls learnt to count to ten in Japanese, asked why this and why that, and had a ball learning from our Japanese friends. Our hosts were incredibly generous, loving, fun and beautiful. Our trip would not have been nearly as satisfying without this day with them. Thank you Aya and Toshi!   

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