Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trips and Tips for Tripping: Japan Day Nine and Ten

We rounded out our trip with a highly anticipated day at DisneySea. It is truly a spectacular place. While DisneyLand is cartoon-like and wonderful and fun, DisneySea feels a life-like dream. The attention to detail in the sets, buildings and rides is impressive.
Agrabah at the 'Arabian Coast' was bustling like a real Persian bazaar, with the majestic palace as it's backdrop.
Triton's Kingdom was like a dream for the kids with colours of the sea, exciting rides and Ariel, of course!
The Indiana Jones Ride was Elara's favourite.
I couldn't help but shut my eyes and stifle a scream on the (actually very scary) Tower of Terror! 
And if we'd had more time, we might just have stayed in the two hour wait line to see the new Toy Story attraction. Maybe? 
Our last day In Japan, and we do some shopping and savour the last sights, smells and sounds of our trip. It will be a long, overnight trip home to Australia. But we have had a wonderful, adventurous, together time that will always be remembered. 

Travel tip for trains and travel:
On our second last day in Japan, we were still having train and travel issues arise. As we had already taken the train to DisneyLand one week before, we thought we had our route sorted. But on this day a rail accident meant that all trains travelling on one line were cancelled or changed. As trains come into stations every two minutes, this would not cause a meltdown for seasoned Japanese commuters. But we had no way of knowing what was happening, which platform or train line to switch to, or just how to readjust our plans. We found our way in the end but were more than an hour later than we hoped. On the way home we arrived at our station, and got off on a platform that was new to us. We simply followed the flux of people, assuming we would arrive near the central, familiar exit. We did not. We surfaced from the subway and had to walk an extra kilometre to get back to the area of the train station that we recognised!
My advice would be to be familiar with the route lines and carry a map. Staying closer to the city or near a popular station will help you avoid too many line changes if you are doing a lot of travel. Our local station was the busiest station in the world! And finally, if things get stressful or complicated, take a taxi. They are expensive. It will be worth it if you are lost! Have a bit of money put aside in case.  

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