Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taking Pride in my Possesions

I know, it sounds like a anti-resolution.
We should be shedding our stuff and simplifying and not getting caught up in the Jones' trap.

But we practice that resolution already. We have always aimed to be a generous family and I am a bit of a minimalist so we have regular culling and giving sessions (one day I will expand on how we practice charity at home). We definitely want to continue to give as lavishly as we can, this year.

But while generosity has helped us to release ownership of our 'stuff', it has also swayed us to release responsibility for our 'stuff'. We do not manage our possessions carefully. Our kids are often rough and messy and careless with toys and clothes and furniture. They are under the impression that things broken or ruined can (and will) be replaced (and often they are, because we can). As parents we haven't done a good job at training our children to respect and take pride in their possessions. And of course it is a pattern learnt from us. As adults in this house, we are lax at fixing things that are broken, and after we grow tired of them hanging around broken, we dump them and substitute a new. 

It is an unacceptable habit ecologically, financially and spiritually. So this year, I am aiming to take pride in what we have, and teach our children to do the same. And I am hoping that our well looked after possessions will create more opportunities for generosity.
"I'll try to take care of all the books piled up on my bed"
 "I'll keep my nice dresses and dancing costumes and fancy headbands off the floor"
"I won't break special things"

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  1. this is a tough one - a good one but a tough one. Love the pics :-)


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