Monday, March 23, 2015

Catch Me If You Can: Snow Trip

I didn't really plan on enjoying myself.
In fact the odds for dissatisfaction were stacked in my favor:
Tim could take only three days leave (plus a weekend); we found out only four days in advance, giving us minimal time to prepare; we had just a small amount of holiday money put aside; and I was halfway through pregnancy.
But I agreed to it, purely in the hope of creating memories of adventure, family and togetherness for the kids.
First step was to deck out the kids in Aldi snow wear and assorted borrowed items. Tim had plenty of suitable clothes from hiking, and I just needed to be warm (as I wouldn't be doing too much snow play.) We collected flying favours from our family members who work for Virgin, and booked a large, old, cold house in the Snowy Mountains to stay.
A few days later, Tim left in the middle of the night to drive to Canberra. Seventeen hours later he arrived at our accommodation and waited for us to land the next morning. The following two days were filled with snow exploration, tobogganing, and games that seem twice as fun when you are dressed head to toe in warm gear! Selwyn Snowfield was wonderful for children and families, and entertained us enough without the need for skiing or snow boarding. Then we spent two long days driving home together, but the children were fantastic.
Astoundingly, I had a lovely time. And not just because the kids did. 
Perhaps, like a massage, when quick pressure is applied, the body relaxes and allows more freedom to move (and love).


  1. How lovely. We hope to do a snow trip sometime too. Well done.

  2. Beautiful Katherine, so cool to do something spontaneous and it work so well!! :)

  3. Lovin' the snow pics.. So fresh and crisp.. Beautiful family moments and memories spent together.. Lovely x


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