Sunday, April 12, 2015


Mine is the personality type that enjoys knowing personality types more than any other personality type. In other words, it's in my make-up to know myself well, and to be able to discern others well. I have spent many sleepless nights introspecting, so I feel confident about what makes me, me.
But sometimes I am (and we are) faced with questions and even dissatisfaction about who we are or who we have become. I have found that people approach this one of two ways:
Accept. I, for example, am never going to be a modern girl. No matter how much I sometimes dream of being fashionable, or have interests in line with my friends, I can't bring myself to prioritise it. And this makes me who I am (and hopefully, makes me unique and a blessing).
Or, Change. It is good to know ourselves and be confident. I think it's also ok to learn to be different to how you 'naturally are'. I, for example, have been prompted to change by my 21 month old niece. One of her most used sayings currently is "hug?", which means two things: 'I'd like a hug'; and 'pick me up'. Well, I'm either a natural non-hugger, or I've learned to be. I am affectionate with my own children and my nieces but not so much with my adult friends and family. Sorry loved ones! Crazy as it is to consider, one day my children will be my adult family!And I want affection to be as normal and as needed then, as it is to them now.
Plus, I think I need some more 'pick me ups', and I think my friends need some more too! So if you are a friend, I'm inviting you to help be a part my hugchange (but let's ease in please)!

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  1. Sending you a virtual *Hug* :-) All the best with making the change, "Don't be afraid of change" - is a quote that came to mind after thinking about your post!


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