Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best of Both Worlds

Once upon a time, many blogs ago, I wrote about why we wished for a country change. In the end the decision was made to stay in suburbia. We were settled and content, though I still felt the pull to the wide open of the countryside. 
Late last year, when Tim's parents moved into their family farm down by the tweed river, we started to realise some (part-time) farm dreams!  
Strolling through the veggie patch.
Riding the horse.
Climbing trees.
Country roads. 
Feeding chooks.
Spending slow time with grandparents, parents, siblings.
Exploring nature.
Listening to the cows.
Running, running, running.
We love it there and are trying to make the trip one weekend a month, to really slow down our probably-too-scheduled lives. Maybe one day country life will be our always reality. But for now, you can expect plenty more farm loving pictures to fill this blog!


  1. Whoah! What a childhood! Your kids are so blessed and so loved.. xx

  2. Enjoy many beautiful country weekends :-)


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