Friday, May 29, 2015

A Reminder for When My Children are Grown and I Feel that My Sleep is a Bit Interrupted

Sunset: Bathtime for kids and baby. In between bath and shower transfers, an attempt to finish off a birthday cake for Tim. Keep Tess happy-on-hip.
6:00: Tim home. Tess falls asleep. Dinner crazy dinner time.
7:00: Some talk, tv (the big football game is on tonight), bedtime routines.
8:00: Tess awake. Feeds, back to sleep. Need to stay awake to watch the first half at least. Nope. Fall asleep in bed.
10:00: Tess wakes, doesn't settle back to sleep. Except in my arms in bed. Tim puts her back in cot when settled.
12:00: Tess wakes, feeds, falls asleep. Zeb comes in. The cupboard doors in his room are open. Take him back, close doors, console, tuck in.
2:00: Zeb comes in. He can't sleep. Take him back, find torch, console, tuck in. Zeb comes in again. There are monsters under his bed. Tim takes him back, checks under bed, consoles, tucks in.
3:00: Tess wakes, feeds, doesn't settle back to sleep. Except in Tim's arms in bed. Zeb comes in. He's thirsty. Take him back, get water bottle, console, tuck in.
4:00: India's asthma is playing up. Give ventolin, tuck in. Zeb comes in. Don't listen to why. Let him into bed with Tim and Tess and I.
5:00: Everyone asleep. Know that I have to get up now if I want to shower and wash my hair. Get up.
6:00: Lunchboxes started. Breakfast started. Big girls up.
Sunrise: Tess wakes, feeds etc etc etc.

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  1. Wow. A full day (and night) indeed. I have no idea how you still sew! Amazing work! Truly motherhood is an incredible challenge (and also an intense privilege). Thankfully it's just a season of sleeplessness. You will laugh about this in years to come and enjoy sharing it with your children as they enter parenthood for themselves. x


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