Thursday, March 17, 2016


An actual five minutes in the life of a Mum (on a Saturday, the most relaxed morning of the week in our house). 

Things I did: retrieved the 'favourite' shorts from high up on the washing line; rescued Dad's earphones from being chewed; washed a child's hair while they were in the shower; rescued a baby sitting on the wet floor of the other shower; and oversaw another child making second breakfast in the kitchen.

Things I was asked: would the black shirt or blue shirt look better with blue shorts?; did the black shirt come from a shop or a friend?; does the shampoo smell like blueberry or cherry lollies to you?; can you see what the soap picture on the shower screen wall is of?; could you tell me what I feel like eating?; can you read this favourite book (in baby speak)?; what I should draw?; and Muuuummmm...? (six times). 

Things that went through my mind: have I fed the baby breakfast?; I have to be quiet in this shower room so the baby doesn't notice I'm in here and cry because she wants to go in too; why is there an inside chair outside in the rain?; who scattered the pegs around the yard?; and how am I going to get my phone back after it was dropped into the bag and delivered to the op shop yesterday? 

Ok, be nice to Mums.

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