Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tree House

It went like this:
"Hi Grandpa, I have these little fairies and I want to make a home for them but I need wood. Is there any chance you have some small discs of wood? Love India"
"Yes, I can cut you some from the old tree branches in the backyard. Love Grandpa."

A couple of days later, Grandpa arrived, not just with tree discs but with a base and the two tall platforms already screwed in. India and I got to work gluing and waiting and making decorations for the fairies tree house over the following week. We made the front staircase, the lower platform, the mini bunting and hanging decorations removable so that India could change things up and really play. (After a few photos, I asked her to set it up according to her taste, just to show you how it can change)!

I have such a resourceful and creative family, I really am blessed. I know I can do and make things that others can't (and for cheap, this cost us $12 for some spray varnish to preserve the bark and a few dollars for beads used in decorations) because I have a big pool of skills and resources to beg and borrow from. Go team, we made a little girl (and her fairies) really happy!

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