Friday, June 3, 2016

Artist Study: A Holiday Project

No doubt you will have figured out that we like to 'do art and craft' in our household. Creativity has been adopted as one of our essential ways to relax, expand, and worship (and to be honest a way to keep kids from the dreaded 'bored'). Although the big girls will still occasionally recycle some boxes into a craft project, or have arty fun with pipe cleaners and pompoms, they are more interested in drawing manga or designing fashion these days. And since there is precious little art study left in primary school curriculum, I am always on the lookout for different means to stretch their abilities (while still being suitable for a five year old to participate).

Last year, during the school holidays, I prepared a few projects to teach them about some favourite artists, and let them explore with a variety of techniques. We got books out from the library and discussed each artist's style and what we most liked before beginning our art. All project ideas came from someone else so I have attached the links if you want to try them too!

First, Gustav Klimt. We used potato stamps, gold and silver and bronze paint, and a black sharpie.
Then, Van Gogh. We used white crayons, watercolour paints, black paper and starry stickers.
Next, Cezanne. I loved watching the kids interpretations of a bowl of fruit! Just regular acrylic paints (and some patience)!
Then we tried our hand at Picasso. For this we used coloured paper to make a collage.
Finally, Kadinsky. Acrylic paint and a black sharpie.
So, if you are planning some inside days these holidays, you could give these a go! Invite your friends and family after to view the gallery of art and bid on their favourite piece. 

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