Friday, April 3, 2009


I love things with history, that tell a tale or hold memories of some kind, and have been known to display, wear or restore things of that kind. But vintage is not my greatest love. I think I'm more of a 'old made new' kind of girl. I love to see something well loved given a makeover or refashioned into something slightly different but just as lovely, fun or interesting as it's former self (Hmmm, I'm a youth worker/counsellor by trade so maybe this goes for more than just objects?). Anyway, here are a few small housey items I have recovered recently.

Dolls pram... I think it'll need recovering once a year - it gets a lot of use now that India is bigger and loves dolls! I just used the old cover for a template, and used bias binding to edge it all.

Camping mattresses... I cut an old foam mattress into two, and recovered them, using an old (and really soft - must have been a good quality one back in the 70's!) queen size sheet. I didn't even bother with a zip because they won't be used for much other than camping trips and cubbies.

Stereo speakers... they are so boring looking in the girls colourful room so I just clicked off the cover, made four holes in the rainbow fabric for the legs of the cover, folded the edges in and clicked it back on!

Stay tuned for trickier projects soon...

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