Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mosaic Cake

My Sister-In-Law allowed me to make a cake for my niece's birthday. She gave me free reign, as long as it was bright and colourful. Wow...the possibilities! I chose to make a mosaic cake in some of Rayya's fave colours, purple and green. It is simple in theory, but was a bit harder in practice...purple lollies come in about a thousand different shades! Nevertheless, it was great fun arranging all those treats on top.

I ended up buying so many lollies that I decided to also make some yellow cupcakes...

And some pink ones too...

And so here is the final cake (which, by the way, was very tasty!).


  1. Katherine! that is the most colourful/beautiful cake I have ever seen!! Yummo! It would have been sad to cut into it :)

  2. Woah what's going on, I totally commented on this, apparently not though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it....ESPECIALLY the yellow ones....totally awesome

  3. Gotta try these one day, gorgeous!

  4. Hi Katherine! I love this idea to use lollies to make the mosaic. Where did you go to buy them?


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