Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Skirts for Spring

I always hide a laugh when seeing children out and about, in clothes which they have obviously chosen themselves. I like the 'spiderman with fairy wings', 'Sunday dress with sneakers', 'floral top/spotty shorts/stripey shoes', and 'scarf with nappy and boots' combinations best! I'm sure that this helps them develop their own style and encourages them to be confident in their personality. But I just don't think I can do it. In fact, I've put off the 'choose your own clothes' stage for as long as I can. Alas, the time has come!

Fortunately for me and my orthodox dressing tendencies, Elara likes things that match. She also likes dresses and skirts. She wants to wear one every day. (Of course we don't have one for every day... at age 3, those legs are growing so long, that last seasons skirts look like tutus). So, I've made two quick skirts from a fabric remnant and a scarf. This way she can wear them while digging in the sandpit, making and baking cakes, and playing hide-and-seek, without any cries of 'oh, that nice (expensive) skirt is going to get wrecked', from Mum :)

This one has elastic in the back and box pleats in front and back.

This is made from one scarf, just cut in half, sewn end to end, and finished with an elasticated waist.
More to come soon!


  1. simple skirts are often the best for kids. When my 8 year old was 3yrs my mum gave me a book with some simple (easy to embellish and dress up) patterns in it. The simple stuff is great, especially since you are less worried about it getting wrecked.

  2. Very cute Katherine! I wouldn't mind making some of these skirts for myself:)


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