Sunday, September 20, 2009

Party Weekend

It isn't hard to figure out that kid's love parties. The dressing up, the friends, the games, the food. But I think it's the anticipation that really gets them buzzing. Imagine the happiness (all week) when the girls heard that we were attending TWO parties this weekend! The first was a fairy themed bridal shower for lovely Liz, who is to be married in a few short weeks. Her bridesmaids created a charming do, with bubbles, fairy floss, sparkly cupcakes, a fairy pinata, and lollies aplenty. Everyone came dressed with wings, and the weather was so breezy and beautiful it felt like we were in an enchanted place!


  1. Oh, how dreamy it all sounds. Our parties are full of rough and tumbles and the sound of ball guns going off in a huge play centre! Please God, let me have a girl next!

  2. What a beautiful idea for a bridal shower, it sounds so much nicer than the "traditional" tacky hens nights you hear about!

  3. Hey Katherine!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!
    :) Martine


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