Monday, May 27, 2013

Trips and Tips for Tripping: Japan Day One

Eighteen months ago, we discussed a trip to Japan. 
Japan: expensive, busy, crazy.
Japan: full of kid fun, cultural difference, and a 'safe' place for a family.
Thanks to a two-for-one flight deal,
we headed there sooner than expected.
We left home at 6:30am for a full day of travel.
Eighteen hours later, we arrived at our hotel in Tokyo feeling tired, 
and excited!

Travel tip for long haul flights:
Kids will play with an ipad/iphone/dsi for hours on end! I planned and packed a variety of activities for the plane trip: crayons, activity books, lego, games, books, snacks. But really, the ipads would have occupied my (usually minimal screen watching) kids the whole time.  My advice is to get new apps, games and movies that they cannot play before you leave! I was really proud at how well behaved and happy the kids were, just doing this. The flight home was an overnight flight, but the kids all slept for a 5 hour block. Recovery for parents will be needed afterwards!

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