Monday, May 27, 2013

Trips and Tips for Tripping: Japan Day Four

So much joy in this place!

Joyful music playing all through the park, before you even enter the gates.

Joyful workers who wave at you all the time.

Joyful Japanese who wear Mickey Mouse ears, or inflatable Goofy hats or Tinkerbell t-shirts, and couples and school pals who co-ordinate their Disney-themed attire.

Joyful kids rides that are worth the wait, even for adults.

Joyful smiles and faces full of wonder.

Cinderella's castle!
Mickey Mouse shaped ice-blocks.
Quality shows and rides.
People who greet you by saying 'Happiness!' if you are wearing Micky ears.


Travel tip on what to wear:
It is respectful to dress to the standards of the people who live in the country you travel to. But, you also want to pack clothes that are comfortable for long days and lots of walking. For example, I left t-shirts at home (the Japanese dress smart!), but chose flat shoes (though the Japanese ladies wear heels, yes, even for a whole day trip to Disneyland). I wore mostly dresses and tights, or tailored pants with a shirt. I didn't pack enough and accidentally left a few key items at home, which meant that daily clothing choices were slightly stressful for me. Coupled with some misbehaving hair (the result of humidity change), these were not my most fashionable moments. A casual, comfortable dress worn with tights, some converse sneakers and a warm jacket in the bag was the uniform for the girls. Males are not difficult to dress for travel, with long pants, tees and sneakers being appropriate in so many destinations around the world! 

My advice would be to consider the dress code of the country you travel to. Consider how much walking and sitting in trains/planes you will do. Then abandon any thoughts you might have had about looking great in travel photos because you rarely get more than five seconds to stop, take a picture and continue when travelling with children anyway, and because the memories will be grander and more important than the photos, always.

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