Monday, May 27, 2013

Trips and Tips for Tripping: Japan Day Two

Settling and acquainting ourselves with our area of Shinjuku was the plan for day two.
Fortunately this 'suburb' boasts one of the best views of Tokyo, (from floor 45 of the Tokyo Metro Building), and the Shinkuku Goyen (which is akin to our botanical gardens). 

Travel Tip about the culture change:
Australians are very privileged! We have so much space and freedom. We have children who are used to running, dancing, singing, jumping, climbing and being generally playful and creative. Thrown into a contrasting environment, where the streets, shops and stations are crowded and everyone is going somewhere fast, and with purpose, it becomes a steep learning curve. I was constantly asking our three to walk close, to look up and watch where they were going, to stop climbing, stop jumping, stop dancing. Sometimes it was to try to parallel the culture we were in, sometimes it was to keep them from the danger of getting lost or being hit by a car/train. Always it was difficult! My advice would be to prepare your kids by talking about the expectations of the culture you are going into, and to make plans to 'free run' in some open spaces throughout your trip.

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