Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feels like home

The contract for our first home is signed! We've spent many weeks looking for a place that was just right. And while this isn't my dream home, it is the only one, among many viewed, that I felt love from. Actually that was was I was hoping for more than anything else. It's easy to love a house with lots of bedrooms, or a great backyard, or a sweet location. But to be in a house where I can imagine laughter and cuddles and chasing and togetherness, swayed my choice. Looking forward to making those memories.

Until then we'll love our other house. I found this dolls house on ebay for $40. It was a glaring sight - bright pink and purple and very huge! Tim painted it and put on a new base, then we added some wallpaper and a mini garden too. It is so huge, we store almost all our toys in it (as well as the dolls furniture), and India can fit into bottom rooms to play! It was a great buy and is well used and loved!


  1. So exciting about your first home! The dolls house looks pretty awesome too - i can't fathom how huge it must be!!

  2. Congratulations! It is so exciting having a place you can really call home - and not having to ask anyone permission to hang a picture or change a garden - good luck :)


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