Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rain, sunshine and the weather withstanding bond

We've had a great week in nature. The pitching of the tent, the puddles on the road, the sand in everything, the best steak burgers (at Loaded Lizard, Mudjimba), the markets, the sunshine, the late night cards, the walking, the laughing, the dancing (yes, there is always dancing when my sisters are around), the spanish hot chocolate (at San Churros Chocolateria), the splashing, the more time than usual, and the bonding. I loved watching our family play and laugh together. Elara and India shared many special, sisterly moments. And the time I spent with my sisters will be one I remember for years to come. Tim's Mum, sisters, brother-in-law-to-be and our niece all spent time together with us and made our week more special. Love between grandmothers, fathers, mothers, aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, daughters and sons was expressed (and appreciated, as I reflect on it now). Memories of what we actually did might fade but I'm quite sure that each small experience has tempered the bonds within our family, so that they will better and better stand whatever weather becomes us.


  1. Aww...sounds like a beautiful week with your beautiful family - I love the photo of Elara in the rain - ahh the wonder of puddles!!


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