Friday, March 6, 2009

Will I remember...

...the proportions of India's arm rolls?... the amount of time and sweet-talking it actually takes to brush Elara's hair? I cut India's dim sims into 12 pieces, Elara's into 8 and mine into 6?... the 'no touching except for one finger' rule at the grocery store?... the way India scrunches up her face for a just less than a camera click of time, when I say 'no'?... how so many small (and pink) clothes hang right the way around my washing line?... all the words and actions to the 'Dancing Face' song (ruffle your hair; puff your cheeks; pull your ears; click your teeth; eyebrows up; eyebrows down; make a smile; make a frown)? Elara says, in a Snow White kind of way, 'Oh I'm going to make you something cool and wonderful, Mummy'?... how much I loved them today?

1 comment:

  1. Amazing what a good nights sleep can change isn't it!


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