Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mum with a newborn 'help'

We know what doesn't help: well meaning, but unhelpful advice; offers to come over and nurse the baby while you 'sleep'; or words that abate the validity of your feelings. We know what does help: brownies; cookies; dinners; cupcakes; ice-cream; smiles; and anything that gives you some shower time.
I have a most awesome, most patient, most hard working, second-time Mum friend whom I want to help, but she lives a long way away. I'd love some input from you Mums (or others) on some things I could send to encourage her.


  1. Tough one! Not being a second time mum I'm not sure but I would love a voucher for a massage or pamper so I could use it in the rare time out I would get. Plus its only going to be about an hour long so will fit between feeds!

  2. Special little treats just for her - like a really nice soap/bodywash, compiliation CD of relaxing/positive tunes, DVD series like Gilmore Girls (to watch when your sitting on the couch feeding - better than gameshows!), a scarf/earrings!! Prayers help too!! Maybe some chocolate too:) Love martine


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