Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One thousand gifts: January

"I try to mind-memorize all this wonderful - the faith and the falls and the fully living" Ann Voskamp

A portion from this month's thankful list:

39. Early morning gardening
40. Gifts from afar
41. Lego all over my floor
42. New music on my playlist - Boy and Bear
43. Short fringe on a little lady

44. New sparkly stud in my nose
45. Husband home for a day
46. Finding inspiration to do something spontaneous
47. Ringlets at the nape of my girl's neck
48. Zeb using his whole hand to stuff noodles into his mouth
49. Conflict that reveals my motivations
50. Time that passes and refreshes


  1. Keep em coming, love it! Always more we can be grateful for hey! Love ur attitude, its very inspiring xoxo

  2. Amen to number 48! The sweetest thing ever :)
    Thanks for inspiring us all to focus on the positive and remember these are our gifts. So easily overlooked aiming for some grand end game that doesn't exist in this life.


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