Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Refresh my morning routine

Fluffy hair, dry skin and now wrinkles (let's say 'laugh lines')?

Even in my pre-children days I've never been someone who puts much time into their appearance. I guess I have just always had things I preferred to spend my time on. But I knew, at least, that I could look nice if I put in the effort. 
And I occasionally did.

Fast forward ten years and it is much harder to get to that place.
Perhaps I'm out of practice?
Perhaps there are so many 'wonder' products that I'm just overwhelmed?
Perhaps I'm just ten years older and three kids saggier?

My second 'refresh' resolution is to choose some skin/hair products, and to take ten minutes every morning to use them. And since that is about nine minutes more than I currently spend, I'm going to have to plunder that time from somewhere else. 
I may have to leave the dishes till later.
I may have to require that the girls make their own toast.
I may have to arrive at school a few minutes later than usual.

It won't make the wrinkles go away.
But I think I'll feel good and confident when it I have established it as part of my routine.


  1. Chuckle! I'm so with you! Since my clock just struck 30 I have invested in my first jar of anti-aging goop - Loreal Youth Code (yes, the name was what made me buy it!). I'm not sure if it's really going to do anything but the nightly ritual of have a moment of stillness is actually quite lovely.

  2. I have also never put in any effort (often even when I probably should have) into my appearance and now the greys are coming in, the wrinkles are showing, the pores are getting bigger I know that on the rare occasions I do something to 'pretty' myself I feel SO good!

    Also according to Goddess Oprah it will enrich your life and soul to find time for yourself...and I know she's never wrong!


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