Thursday, January 5, 2012

Refresh their night time routine

"Can't you just lie in my bed for 2 minutes?"

I'm so tired from the day that I forget how meaningful this time is, to a child. 
It's the saying goodbye time.
Then the alone in my bed time.
And the waiting till 'good morning' time.

While their sleeping bodies are protected by our home and our presence in it, their minds and hearts are open. 
Open to thoughts. Open to worries. Open to loneliness.   

I want to refresh my night time routine with them. 
After dinner we clean teeth.
The girls each choose a book to be read to them on the couch.
Then into beds.
Blankets on.
Cups filled with water.
Kisses and Cuddles.
A prayer.
"I love you"s.
Lights off.

All this is fairly normal on a good night. I want to add two more things: a silent prayer for all, asking for dreams of God's kingdom and plans for their lives; and a silent prayer for each (for Elara: rest, for India: peace, and for Zeb: health).


  1. Just noticed your blog pop up as I posted mine, then I saw a comment - you are speedy lady! hehe. Love the prayer for dreams from God, I shall be stealing that line for tonights prayers with Ruby and Liam :) xx

  2. Love those thoughts. We also have a night time routine like that, and we ask the kids what they might like to dream about, then we ask God to give them sweet wonderful dreams about those things... it always seems to put their minds onto something lovely before sleep time!

  3. I would like to have less frantic bed time routines. We say prayers with both boys each night but getting our #1 off to do the routine involves, yelling, anger and frustration on his part and a bit on ours too. I would love to refresh it somehow.


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