Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Refresh my song

The hope of achievement wasn't there at the beginning.

Last year I started my 2011 blog year by sharing my hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year. They were all about embracing things which I wanted to make more important in my life: outdoors; discipline; dinner; crafting for charity; and photos with my kids
At the close of the year I reflected on my success. 
And I started to stress. 
Did I achieve them? 
Did I do enough?
Did I absolutely reach all my goals?  

But then I remembered. 
These were just things to set my eyes to.
To look to.
To look forward to.
To focus a small amount of time on and enjoy in the rhythm of life.

Because simply trying harder only results in tiredness and bitterness for me.

Which brings me to this year, 2012.
I want to refresh some tired aspects of my life.
First on my list: time to sing some new songs, literally!
It's been a long time since I invested in new music, and my ipod selection is old and uninspiring. So each month, I'd like to discover a new artist or buy a new cd.
Please I'd love some suggestions!


  1. Some Katie Herzig, Phoenix, maybe some Birds of Tokyo, Kate Nash, Rufus Wainwright.....I can hook you up with any of these ;)

  2. If your blog is evidence then I'd say you did a good job of achieving last year's goals!
    Just keeping a beautiful blog like this is in and of itself and amazing and remarkable, not to mention beautiful achievement. And I've shared in it, I've been inspired by it.

    New music! My tastes are really eclectic and I still have the biggest soft spot for Brit Pop! My last download was The Panics latest album, and my favourites this year have been Mumford & Sons, Josh Pyke, Marina & The Diamonds and Nicole Reynolds. My most played album was Dusty Foot Philosopher by K'Naan an Ethiopian rapper!

  3. I repeated the adjective 'beautiful' because I didn't proof read but it does deserve a double dose!

  4. Bryan & Katie Torwalt - you won't be disappointed!

  5. Have you heard of grooveshark.com? Such a great website as people share music and you can listen to many CD's online for FREE! You can even create playlists for parties etc. Then you can buy the music later if you're really keen.

    I just discovered this song in an Australian film "The Tree" (lovely film set in Qld): To Build a Home (feat Patrick Watson) by Cinematic Orchestra. Beautiful mellow piano and voice.

    Also enjoying Coldplays album "Viva La Vida" esp songs Life in Technicolor, Lovers in Japan and the album titled Viva La Vida.

    Regina Spektor has beautiful music too: maybe start with Samson, Blue Lips, Laughing With. Enjoy!

    Also for some beautiful homegrown (out of our church in Vancouver)Christian music try "Tom Wuest" http://tomwuest.bandcamp.com/ and "Ordinary Time" http://music.ordinarytimemusic.com/


  6. Oh thanks everyone! Some of these artists I know, some I've wanted to listen to, and many I haven't heard of at all! Can't wait to look into them (on grooveshark?)!


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