Friday, January 13, 2012

A small renovation

I've found that it takes about 3 years for the walls in a house full of kids to be in dire need of a repaint.
So too, a dolls house.
We bought this 3 years ago for $40.
We painted and wallpapered it, and it came up looking sweet
The girls loved it, drew on it, ignored it, loved it again, and pulled the plants out many times.
It needed a renovation.

New wallpaper and some miniature artwork.

 Some bunting just like our house.

 Brand new planter box with flowers.

A coat of paint. White interior and green exterior.

 And some roof tiles. 
I wasn't keen to cut out a ton of squares for the tiles so I used paint swatches and modge podge!

I'm really pleased with it, and the lalaloopsy dolls who call it home, love it too.


  1. Ooh, I love it!! Makes me want to be a little girl again!!!

  2. Awesome job Katherine :)Love the green!


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