Monday, January 11, 2016

A Birthday Story

"We have themed Tess' first birthday around stories, for good reason. Story was given to her as her middle name because we loved it, because it is her Nanna's maiden name, and because it has significant meaning to us. 

Tess, as you grow we want you to remember that you are authored by your creator God. He had the vision for you, your unique personality and gifts, before your life even started. He has created you to be the protagonist, the heroine, the learner, and the preacher of your story. You get to decide how it progresses (much like a choose-your-own-adventure)! We pray that you experience passion, compassion, vision, purpose, joy, peace, forgiveness, humility, and bravery in your story. We pray that you will meet and be guided by wonderful people. We pray that you will stay close to your creator and listen for his direction.

Your first name Tess, means to reap or to harvest. And we want you to do this in your story too. Work hard, have patience and then enjoy the good and wonderful gifts you will be given. Make harvest out of all that you see. 

God has blessed our family with a harvest of gold, in you. A happy, social, affectionate, chatty little lady. We can't wait to watch your story unfold."

(These were the words spoken at Tess' first birthday and dedication to God. We held a small and delightful party themed loosely around classic books. Regency decor. Pretty afternoon tea food. Fragrant iced teas. Lemon curd cake. Handmade book invitations. Baby versions of the classics to read. Favourite lullaby (Kooks by Bowie) scripted on the wall. Prayers and a blessing. And a sweet girl in yellow.)

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