Sunday, January 17, 2016

This One Skill That I Have

I've been sewing for twenty-five years or maybe more.
I love having a creative outlet.
A hobby that gives me joy, and fulfillment and new clothes (not often anymore). It's odd to me to think of it as a skill, since I chose it, pursued it and take joy in it.
Though I have never used it to make money (though the time may come), I have used it to save money. And as a stay-at-home Mum, that is part of my role (I have more time to cook, bake and home-make than a working Mum after all).
For each gift I make, I spend a little less money than I would on a shop bought gift, and much less money than I would on a similar handmade item from the markets. In addition, the receiver gets something unique, lasting and lovely!
I don't think I've ever made the same gift twice (so my creative side is satisfied), and I usually don't use a pattern or tutorial (which isn't helpful for readers want to make the same thing but I hope you can find inspiration nevertheless). So, I've a few things to share that I've made lately, and will add links if the pattern is available.
Today's blog is gifts for adults.
 A casserole carrier!
An unusual gift but perfect for neighbourly friends who bring meals.
This is padded so keeps it warm, and allows you to rest the dish on your lap for the journey.
Travel tags, with a plastic pocket for a details card.
Small personalised embroidered cushion for lovers.
And a couple of soft 'cat statues' for friends of felines.

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