Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Make It Your Goal: Resolutions 2016

Without too much retrospecting here on the blog, 2015 was more challenging than I wished for. In fact, it was a very hard year. And after a very hard year, you tend to think about how you can bounce back, or start anew, or make things better for the next. These thoughts are well supported by loving friends and family who encouraged me to take some ‘me time’ and, in a roundabout way, look after number one. So I sat down and considered my New Year Resolutions (which is my custom. Unlike many others, resolutions really help guide me through the coming year). Lose weight (or the more socially acceptable – exercise and eat healthier)? Embrace every, moment? Spoil myself more? Save money? All good things, but none of these ever sit quite right for me. This year, I can’t move past this song by Gabrielle Aplin (but originally by Frankie Goes to Hollywood):

The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul…
Make love your goal.

Yes. After a tough year where I became stoic in order to battle through.
Where my soft-heart was weighed down with practical burdens.
Where I retreated away from people with a frozen ability to give.

Love must be my goal this year.
The raw and the emotional.
The sacrificial and the compassionate.
The hard-to-give and the free-flowing.

I am completely loved so I must love onward, instead of inwards.

(Next blog post I will unravel some specifics to help me stick to it during the year.)


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