Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boy Goes to School

It was different with the girls.
I worried about a bunch of little things.
But Zeb is ready. Physically, academically, socially, emotionally, creatively.

So there is no worry on my part.
But there is something... a little bit of jealousy.

Because there is a new lady in his life!
She will get to watch him make friends and be a good friend.
She will get to see him achieve and pass milestones.
Hear his witty, funny comments.
Praise him and teach him and remind him.
And she will see more of his sparkling smile (the one that has always felt like it was given just for me).

Of course I want her to share in all these good things (she is a wonderful teacher!), but I can't help feeling just a little sadness that he is about to branch out from our little nest of Mum and son contentedness!

You will do good and brave and compassionate things, Zeb.
I'm ready for everyone to see.
Go get 'em!

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