Saturday, January 9, 2016

Make Love Your Goal: Resolutions 2016

Small ways to make love my goal this year: 

Tim: This year we celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. With four kids, much of our time together is spent talking (and doing) practical things. So we are really going to try and go away for a small trip together this year!

Kids: There is no doubt I love them fiercely, but love doesn't translate to kids unless it's loving them their way. In the past year we took a helpful parenting course and to add to that learning I want to read the book "How to really love your child" and: for Elara, research and pray about the right high school for her; for India, try not to say 'later we will' when she asks something of me; for Zeb, make sure we embrace his boyness by enjoying his choice of games, toys and activities even when he is outvoted!; for Tess, to start to learn her personality.

Family: My sister has a big celebration of love coming up this year, so I plan to help practically with the preparation and enjoy the last family wedding!

Church: Previously I have aimed to be honest and open and share wisdom. This year I think I need to listen. To hear people's stories. 

Friends: My goal to write a snailmail letter to each friend this year. 

Book club: I hold a monthly book club in my home. Life is busy and doing the reading requirement is a way to show love to my fellow bookie friends! 

Community: Time to try my hand at Random Acts of Kindness. I will aim for quarterly. 

Environment/world: Expanding my knowledge about ethical clothing choices and working towards a greener and world-happier wardrobe.

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