Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabric Book Cover Tutorial

School book covering has come a long way since brown paper. 
Contact has come and (largely) gone.
Now plastic book covers are the new black.
But they aren't cheap when you have to buy a pile.
So last year I tried my hand at making some fabric book covers. 
I used largish scraps so they cost me nothing.
I'm pleased to say that they handled the in-out-in-out of the tidy tub well and, after a quick wash, are being reused on school books this year.
Since I could explain how to make them by saying 'wrap it like a gift and sew where you would put sticky tape', there is probably no need for me to show you a tutorial.
But, just in case you'd like to see, here are my instructions: 
 Lay your exercise book out flat and cut a fabric rectangle about 3cm larger on all sides. 
 Overlock or zig zag the edges.

Optional: cut a 10x10cm square of clear plastic and sew it to the front of the book cover, leaving one edge open (for a name tag to slide in later). I find it easier to use a walking foot with my machine, and to leave a 2cm edge when sewing, which can be trimmed down later.

Lay the book in the centre of the fabric and, yes, wrap it like a gift. 
Pin and sew the book corner together. I find hand sewing easier (and more therapeutic!)
 Do the same for all four corners. Remove the book. Press.
 Pop the book back in. Add a cardboard name tag if you have made a window.
Repeat for 25 books (or more if you have more than two kids in school!)

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  1. Your girls will have the best looking books in school Katherine. Lovely work!


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