Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simplify my Ordinary Day

This time I have really put time into thinking about my new year resolutions.
I've been thinking about it for weeks.
Be better at my job as a parent? YES!
Be better at my job as a wife? YES!
Be better at my job as homemaker, Jesus-follower, daughter, sister, friend? YES!

It's a bit overwhelming. A bit burdensome. A bit full.
A bit what-i-do-with-almost-everything-in-my-life.
I crowd it up with dreams of more and better and best.

What I really need is some pruning.
Some cutting back the excess branches.
Some simplifying.

So, less is more for my resolutions this year. And hopefully I will uncover some fresh, green life underneath.

First things to be cut back are a few daily time wasters: 
Facebook; Pinterest; Blog reading. Particularly on my phone. I check often because it is right there. Instead, I can wait till the kids are asleep, and spend a good half hour catching up then. Thinking of all the great kid moments I will no longer miss because I'm checking my phone, makes my head feel clearer already!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I hear you with this one!!! I'm pruning back on what I do online ready for no internet for lent!!!


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